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A few years ago, Ornella Fieres bought a random box of letters and postcards at an inheritance sale belonging to a woman from the DDR. She began processing these artefacts through AI technology, slowly digitising the life of a woman, whose eccentric and outgoing personality now haunts this splendidly odd exhibition at Sexauer Gal- lery. Although her identity and appearance are kept hidden, in letters written by her and from others, phrases (often misinterpreted) from the handwritten text are delivered in austere female voices out of vintage TV sets. In another piece, hapless image description software has a go at describing photographs from the 60s and 70s. It points at a charming and unnerving meditation on advanced technology, filtered through the reanimated life of an East Berliner. Split into three main sections, the standout being the flowers scanned from the backs of DDR postcards and processed through deep-fake facial programs, which contort and abstract, resulting in peculiarly beauti- ful DDR-styled hybrids.

Duncan Ballantyne-Way in EXBERLINER Issue 201